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Podgressive | Episode 056

EPISODE 56! Rolling out once again with a new episode for you. Here is my summer special! But some news first. It has come to the point where I can’t keep it coming month after month. Podgressive has been rolling out every month since 2010 with over 100 artists. It hasn’t been easy to find good guests lately that are suitable for my show and at the same time looking into my calender, I’m overbooked with both private and job related stuff. I wan’t to keep it coming but still with at least the same quality as before. Therefore, I have decided to keep em’ coming but only four times a year starting with this episode and on October 24th as my authumn special. I hope that you all understand and hopefully I can pack the next one full of great content.



  1. Sailor & I – Turn around (Âme Remix)
  2. Nocturna – Big Bang (Original Mix)
  3. Steve Ness – Rolling (Original Mix)
  4. Dhillon – Lost
  5. Gary Beck – Marrow
  6. Ejeca – Contemplation (Original Mix)
  7. Solee – Offspring (Solee’s Arena Mix)
  8. Soundprank – Animus (original)
  9. Airwave vs. Astropilot – Particles of love (Michael & Levan & Stiven Rivic Remix)
  10. Bart Claessen & Raz Nitzan pres. Who.Is – Only totally (Original Mix)
  11. Eximinds – Revolved (Original Mix)
  12. Ronski Speed & Syntrobic feat. Renee Stahl


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What Is Podgressive?

In 100 Words

If you like House, Progressive, Trance, Techno or their sub-genres, you’ve come to the right place. Tatsumi Suzuki (Dj/Artist from Stockholm, Sweden) will be your host for the show called Podgressive!

Podgressive is a episodic “radio-show”. You can browse between episodes and choose between stream, download or subscribing at iTunes or why not on your android phone.

Podgressive is released every month on friday on the closest weekend to 25th. Happy swedes get’s their salary during that weekend, just to mention it. I hope You’re with me those weekends. Feel free to give Your comments here, thank’s!

From The Beginning

Longing for a series of mixes every month, a chance to get all the latest and best releases for a monthly demo-tape and the fact that our equipment home started to dust. Tatsumi Suzuki and Kambiz from Stockholm, Sweden got the idea to launch Podgressive.

We got in touch with our friends and headhunted all the great artists we liked and asked them to join our train. January 2010 was the release for the first episode with the dutch house artist, Phonk ‘D Or and Podgressive had made it’s first sketchy impression. During the first year we learned to get better voice-overs, self-confidence and increase the overall quality of the show. We ended up with two parties as well. First event with Me (Tatsumi Suzuki), Kambiz and Dotér. Getting a fantastic feedback we ended booking Marcus Schössow and Nifra to the second event at club Pluto in Västerås.

2011 continued without Kambiz and might been a year with less ideas, but with increasing amount of listeners. I got lot’s of listeners all around the world specially from Finland (Might be the fact that I’m part finnish my self) and ended up playing in Helsinki, fall 2011. As the previous year Podgressive wrapped up with a “Year mix” from me and Kambiz.

With new content and a re-design of the website and a co-lab with the Swedish webmag/party pic site, I’m launching Podgressive 3.0 and hopefully this will take 2012 to another level.

Tatsumi Suzuki – Biography

I was born in Stockholm, Sweden. I’m so called mixed child, half japanese half finnish. I started to play as a dj in the late 90′s. All began with trance music, but in time the genres became wider. House-music and Techno started to take more place in my life. It became natural for me to implement it to my dj-set’s. I’m a dj with passion for progressive, tech-house, electro and trance. The wide selection of different styles makes me more or less a solid dj for events of wider range.

In 2008 and 2009 I climbed up to 28th position of most popular nordic dj. That was the time of my career when it truly started to go better. I’m always very passioned to the music and made lot’s of effort to come this far. The music is a huge part of my life and to see all the people go nut’s to my set’s makes it all worth it!

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Podcast: #Podgressive EP055

Podcast: #Podgressive EP055

Podgressive is finally released. Sorry for the delay! We are heading towards the festival season and with that said we are turning back time to the Monday Bar Black & White cruise and the Kollektivet sun deck. Here is a b2b-set with Tatsumi Suzuki and Kambiz as the vessel left the Stockholm harbor towards the [...]
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Podcast: #Podgressive EP053

Podcast: #Podgressive EP053

Springtime, happy times and Podgressive! This episode with’s own Patric aka Stavros and former local hardstyle artist Ferren with his new techno alias Fredrik Redegård. Also with Tatsumis re-made set that got erased from the last gig at Kollektivet Arena, Solidaritet Arena. So, grab your copy at and have a great springday!
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